EcoPayz pokies deposits

Gone are the days we need to break a note for coins to slip into the pokies, or cash in chips to use on the machines, and we owe it all to online gaming. We can now make a deposit into our casino account and use it on the pokies without having to convert notes into coins or change chips into cash – we just need a secure and easy to use payment method instead, such as EcoPayz.


EcoPayz is a digital wallet, also referred to as an e-Wallet, and can be found at our recommended pokies sites. e-Wallets are a good way to keep track of your gambling funds and if you open one specifically to use to fund your Internet casino account you can see how much you spend via the statement, keep your funds secure in one place, and top up quickly using your email address and password – instead of card or bank details.

What is EcoPayz?

EcoPayz e-Wallet for online pokies deposits EcoPayz was founded in 2000, under the name EcoCard. The company operated for 13 years under this name until they rebranded as EcoPayz, giving the EcoCard name to their prepaid service. They also offer EcoAccount and EcoVirtualCard under their name.

The e-Wallet, however, offers an account to keep your money in once you register and fund it – with the option of over 45 currencies to choose from – and then use it to make secure online deposits.

How does EcoPayz work?

You need to create an account with EcoPayz, which only takes a few minutes, entering your details such as name, country, email address, and preferred currency. This is free to do and you will not be subjected to any credit or bank checks. You then will need to pick a payment option to fund your account with, along with how much you wish to deposit.

You can fund your web wallet with the following methods:

  • Credit or debit card – Processed instantly, fee: 2.9%
  • Local services – Processed within one to three days, fee: 2%
  • International bank deposit – Processed within one to four days, fee: Free
  • Alternative currency deposit – Processed instantly, fee: Free

There are some fees involved with some funding methods, but you may be able to make a deposit fee free. Be sure to read the funding methods available and fees associated on the EcoPayz top up page.

You will find with most e-Wallets there are fees when funding the account, but there are rarely fees when you fund your online casino account with EcoPayz. Additionally, you can manage your funds and give yourself peace of mind between your money and the online casino when opting for the virtual wallet.

Once you have followed the prompts you can confirm the transaction and your EcoAccount will be funded so you can use your EcoPayz web wallet at secure pokies sites.

You can manage your funds on any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device – and you can even opt in for virtual or physical prepaid cards, which are accepted anywhere MasterCard is.

How to deposit with EcoPayz

ecoPayz depositsIn order to use your EcoPayz e-Wallet account to fund your online casino account and get playing the pokies, simply click or tap our links to a preferred EcoPayz site, log in (or sign up if you aren’t a member yet), and head to the cashier page.

The EcoPayz logo will be located on the list, which you can click or tap on to be connected to the EcoPayz secure servers and here you can select your account (or detail your account ID and password if it is your first time making a deposit) and confirm the transaction.

Refresh your online casino account, and your funds will be there to get playing real money pokies immediately.

Withdraw pokies winnings with EcoPayz

If you’ve won on the pokies you will want to withdraw your funds quickly. Unfortunately, it is not as quick as it may be at land-based venues. e-Wallets can speed the withdrawal process up compared with bank transfers and other payment methods.

You simply follow a similar process as you would with deposits – go to the cashier, click on the withdrawal link, locate the EcoPayz logo if it isn’t your default method, and follow the prompts. Your funds will be processed and can appear in your EcoPayz account immediately, or it can take up to two days depending on the online casino.

You can then withdraw your winnings to your personal account or at an ATM using your prepaid EcoCard.

EcoPayz security

All transactions are carried out via the EcoPayz servers, which implement the latest technology to encrypt sensitive data and protect your details. Additionally, each real money pokies online casino we recommend across our site accept EcoPayz; be assured your EcoPayz details are also protected as they are each accredited by advanced gaming jurisdictions which require the operators to protect their players.

EcoPayz pokies sites

ecoPayz is a popular option for real money deposits at our recommended online casino sites in the table at the top of this page. If ecoPayz isn’t available, check out our guide to commonly accepted deposit options for alternative choices.