Withdrawals at casino sites

Besides playing the pokies, withdrawing our winnings should be one of the best things about gaming online. However, the process can be quite frustrating if you aren’t aware of all the ins and outs.

Our team are here to make it a simple process with a step-by step guide of how to withdraw your funds, as well as provide detailed information on all the available withdrawal methods including their processing time – because if you get lucky when playing real money pokies, you want to be able to enjoy your winnings.


How to withdraw funds from your online casino account

We have compiled a quick step-by-step guide to make withdrawing from your Internet casino account easier. The steps may vary slightly with each Internet casino but this guide provides a basic overview for players to follow.

  • Step one: When you are ready to withdraw, access the cashier or banking page which is only available to players who are signed into their accounts.
  • Step two: Click the ‘Withdrawals’ page option, located next to the ‘Deposits’ page.
  • Step three: Here you will be able to either withdraw with the same method you deposited with, which can be stored by the Internet casino, or you will be able to pick which method you wish to withdraw with. Choose your method, enter any required details, and press ‘Next’.
  • Step four: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your web casino account and press next. Your funds will then be processed from your Internet casino account into your personal account accordingly. We will discuss processing times below.

There are a number of payment methods that are Australian-friendly, each with different features that may make withdrawals easier for you.

Credit and debit cards for pokies deposits

The first thing we want to note is that many online casinos don’t accept MasterCard as a withdrawal option, regardless if it is a debit or credit card. Maestro (if accepted) does allow withdrawals however.

Visa is your best bet here in terms of withdrawals to credit and debit cards. However, if your Visa credit or debit card was not accepted for deposits, due to your financial institution (for example Citibank), it is unlikely you will be able to withdraw to it and thus should opt for another method.

If you made a deposit using your credit or debit card and have opted to store it into the online casino’s system then it will usually already be inputted as the chosen withdrawal method. If you used a different method, or didn’t opt to store your details then you will be prompted to enter your card details so the online casino can fund your personal account.

Withdrawals to credit and debit cards can be processed fairly quickly, though some online casinos offer a reverse withdrawal option, which we will mention below, that holds your withdrawal funds for 24-48 hours before being released. This means the time it takes to get to your account will be even longer.

Regardless, your withdrawal to your personal account should take about two days, and no longer than four using credit and debit cards.

Additionally, there is generally a withdrawal limit of $20 using credit and debit cards, but this comes down to what web casino you are playing at.


e-Wallets can be both beneficial and disadvantageous when it comes to withdrawals. Popular e-Wallets are widely accepted but they can be time consuming.

If another payment method, such as MasterCard or pre-paid services, you intended to use isn’t accepted for withdrawals, players can quickly and easily set up an e-Wallet service, link it with their personal account, and withdraw to their virtual wallet and then personal account that way. However, it can be somewhat time consuming having to withdraw to and from so many accounts.

Nevertheless they are a good option when it comes to withdrawals if you are a regular web wallet user. We take a look at the most popular and widely accepted e-Wallets for withdrawals.

If you have a Neteller account you will need to use your Account ID, Secure ID, and how much you want to take from your casino account when making a withdrawal. There is a generally a $20 minimum required to withdraw but it does depend on the online casino, and it can take around two to four days for funds to be processed.

Skrill follows the same process as Neteller for withdrawals but you are required to enter your email address, password, and the with amount you wish to withdraw, which has to be minimum of $20, but can vary depending on the web casino. Processing time for Skrill also takes around two to four days.

The best part about withdrawals with Skrill is once you have withdrawn to your Skrill account you can quickly and easily check your Skrill account via the mobile app to see when and if the funds have gone in.

Bank transfers

Withdrawals by bank transfer can actually be the slowest of all methods, but they are another option for players who can’t used their MasterCard credit card or their pre-paid service.

Players who opt to use this method are required to enter their account details including Account Number, Account Name, and BSB. It can take from one day to four days for the funds to be processed, then another one to two days for the funds to be processed by your financial institution.

There is also a $20 minimum limit with bank transfers, once again dependent on the online casino.

Why can’t I withdraw my funds?

Most reputable Internet casinos require players to confirm their identity before being able to make a withdrawal. This requires them to submit at least three forms of identification including a license, a passport and/or a utility bill. Once identification has been approved you will be able to continue the withdrawal process.

If you still can’t withdraw, you may have entered the wrong details or there may be another easy-to-fix problem. You can simply contact the online casino via their customer service options such as email, Skype, live chat, and more, for help.

What is a reverse withdrawal?

Many Internet casinos have a reverse withdrawal option available. In order to offer this option they hold onto all withdrawals for a certain period of time (times vary between online casinos). Players can go into the banking interface and request a reverse withdrawal and the funds will then go back into their casino account.

This is a good option for players who decide they want to play again and don’t want to make another deposit, rather they want to play with these funds and reverse the action before it is too late. It does add time onto the withdrawal processing times, but it can be beneficial for some.

Are web casino withdrawals safe?

Provided you have played at a reputable Internet casino, such as the many we suggest below, you will be safe when making withdrawals.

Reputable online casinos all use digital encryption technology to protect players personal and financial information, so they can make deposits and withdrawals with ease.

Real money pokies sites

If you haven’t yet played the slots and now want to, so you can withdraw some potential winnings, head to these online casinos for a large catalogue of top class pokies, all the while being protected by the advanced security protocols in place.

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  • Royal Vegas
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  • Guts
  • 7 Sultans
  • Casino Mate

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